NBC:Debra Clark <DebJerky@aol.com>

Ocky Milkman borrisbatanov@YAHOO.COM
Sat Jun 13 04:07:05 EDT 1998

Ms. Clark, do not send me any more private mail in that you do not
allow me to respond in kind. You are a coward, low-life scum hiding
behind your sanitary-napkin filter: I am sponge worthy!

The only reason I am posting this in public is that my private replies
to Debra (sic) Clark are being rejected, returned labeled as "not
receiving mail from this party," or similar. Yet this person sends me
private mail and I have never written to her first. Tsk, tsk, more bad
manners among blues fans.


They said, "You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are."

The man replied, "Things as they are
Are changed upon the blue guitar."

     from "The Man with the Blue Guitar," Wallace Stevens, 1937
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