Flters on the list- bad idea.

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Fri Jun 12 17:05:17 EDT 1998

Perhaps it's because I've worked in a university Journalism department for
the last thirty years, but I'm uncomfortable with the whole idea of filters.

Most of us already have internal filters that cause us to admire this or
dismiss that artist or school of thought.  Adding artificial ones is Not a
Good Thing (tm)!

I mentioned recently that I often don't agree with Ocky, but I do usually
either agree with Chuck N or at least find him of interest.  But if I'd
filtered out Ocky, I'd have never seen his post, on most of which I found
myself in concurrence.

Many people here have very strong opinions on these topics we discuss, and
may be tempted to just ignore postings from other members whose attitudes
are not compatible.  But one has to remember that life's biggest surprises
come from directions one wern't looking in.  If A filters B, A is by far the
larger potential loser than B.

I used to say that whenever I found myself agreeing with Paul Harvey, I'd
re-examine my own position.

I use the "delete" key on everything, but only after I've read it.

Fred D.

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