Just Say NO!

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Fri Jun 12 13:49:21 EDT 1998

The subject was kinda.. maybe.. well anyway.
I have seen individuals who insist on running over everyone else, taking
solos that aren't theirs' over, constantly hogging the performance and
generally being obnoxious in open mike/jam settings. Man I saw once handled
it quite well I thought. Asked the offending indivdual to allow other's
their chance, after the second polite request, he went over and shut the
dud's (uhh I mean dude's) amp way down. I think he got his point across.
Yet while this might sound rude, unless you were really watching close, it
was pretty much not even noticed by the audience.

Bill (I like sublte) Salmon

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