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Curtis Hewston curtis@MAGICNET.NET
Fri Jun 12 07:02:12 EDT 1998

At 05:16 PM 6/21/98 +1000, Shaun Cronin wrote:

>If there are no objections, then I will organize the voting for the next
>round. The only question I have is regarding the nominees for voting. I
>take it that all nominees are considered for the final vote.

Yes, this is true.  The *private* voting is preceded by a one-week *public*
nomination period.  These aren't nominations per se, but recommendations
along with supporting comments.  All nominations are considered for the

When the (private) voting begins, all voters should vote for *five*
nominees.  Voters can vote for a *maximum* of five nominees, so it follows
that voting for *less than* five nominees is in effect a vote against some
nominees.  A nominee is inducted with 33 percent of the total votes.

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