NBC: Re: "Freedom of Speech"

Tom Freeland thf4@WATERVALLEY.NET
Thu Jun 11 22:40:38 EDT 1998

On 11 Jun 98 at 18:27, Maureen Walker wrote:

> There is a major difference between a bad review by an
> established,recognized and genearally respectable publication and
> "flaming" on the internet.


>  I do not believe that any person should have the legal
> right to distort information, lie and present untruthful portrayals
> of an artist to the world via the internet. Lists like Blues-L and
> Harp-L etc etc then become nothing more than the National Enquirers
> of cyberspace when we allow this to happen.

Jesus.  Freedom of speech isn't licensed.  It doesn't belong to
people with "credentials" or members of the press (e.g. folks with
magazines or access to them).  It is not subject to being tested in

If I say I don't like a performer, or a record, I will try to back it
up with an explanation (or no one will listen).  But I'd have just as
much right to say "So-and-so sucks," and I'm kind of amazed by the
idea that anyone would think in this day and age that having "an
established... generally respectable publication" would give me more
or less right to say that.

The thought expressed by this post completely fails to understand
the advantages of the internet. I've been away a few weeks and not
able to read the list as regularly as I like.  What the heck is going
on with this kind of talk?

Tom Freeland

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