Inadvertent racism?

Barry B. Bean bbbean@BEANCOTTON.COM
Thu Jun 11 15:58:28 EDT 1998

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:50:42 EDT, Juke Welker wrote:

>This may be something to think about.....a lawsuit has been filed by a man who
>said derogatory things about a guy who got upset posted on the
>internet and I gather what he said wasn't too nice so the guy is suing him.
>So maybe you make an artist lose a bunch of sales because of your personal
> a lawsuit down the road???

People will sue over anything. I was recently threatened with a
lawsuit by a prominent figure in the blues industry because I sent an
email to the organization expressing my disappointment over his
organization's actions.

Of course, threatening, suing, and winning are three different

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