Ruf Record Sampler

Robin Banks rbanks@CIACCESS.COM
Thu Jun 11 14:34:59 EDT 1998

Is it a CD or record sampler insert? Do you buy your Blues Revue on the newstand or is it mailed to you? Just wondrin'


Gloria Pierce wrote:

> What a nice surprise to find the Ruf Records sampler with my newest edition of Blues Revue.  I am really impressed with the inroads into the US market and the obvious promotion of their artists.  The sampler is wonderful.  The line-up is impressive:
> Walter Trout, John Mooney, Larry Garner, A.J. Croce, Luther Allison (from the all acoustic "Hand Me Down My Moonshine",  Canned Heat, Taj Mahal, James Solberg - what an incredible song to Luther called L.A. Blues.  I heard him do this with the original L.A. band in Memphis at The Black Diamond on Beale Street and it was incredible.  (I sat there next to Rocky Brown and we couldn't speak.)  Next is Bernard Allison and an extra of Friend 'N Fellow with a Luther Allison song.  A wonderful collection that is called "Where Blues Crosses Over".  It's not the traditional blues but it is blues and it is wonderful at least IMHO.
> I know I will be looking forward to lots of great things in the US from Ruf Records.  Thomas Ruf is doing well by his artists.
> Gloria Pierce

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