Geanne Cheatham

Fred Dabney fdabney@NMSU.EDU
Wed Jun 10 16:07:41 EDT 1998

>How many of you are familar with Jeanne and Jimmy Cheatham. I would like to
>find some more recordings of theirs. I have one old cassette that I have
>about worn out. I just love the way they play Kansas City Blues.

They're an enormous amount of fun in the Basie "Big Band Blues" vein.
They've got a bunch of recordings on the Concord label which I think is now
distributed by Fantasy/Prestige/Milestone/Contemporary/etc etc.

Jeanie plays a good piano, sings and her husband plays bass trombone, of all
things.  Not the sort of thing you'd expect of a blues player...

Their early band included a reed player who was the son, so I understand, of
the legendary New Orleans clarinet player Jimmy Noone.  He was an important
influence on a lot of later clarinetists including Benny Goodman.  My jaw
dropped down around my socks the first time I saw his name on the jacket

Fred D.

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