bonnie kalmbach
Wed Jun 10 10:36:34 EDT 1998

>HOWLIN' WOLF                (g/hca/songw) b. 1910-0610, WEST POINT,      MS

Happy birthday Wolf!! One of my all time favorites. I first
saw him nearly 30 years ago, in 1969. I remember him
dancing a ponderous jig and dangling the microphone
obscenely between his legs. Hubert looked so young
and was really cooking; Detroit Jr. got down underneath
the piano and reached up frenetically pounding the keyboard.
Wolf didn't crawl up the curtains that time, but it was a wild
show anyway.

I saw him a number of times afterward and got to meet him.
Even when he had been slowed down by three heart attacks,
the excitement and tension always hung heavily in the air
at a Wolf show.


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