Ron Prince

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Wed Jun 10 08:55:41 EDT 1998

>> ...smoked.  Anyone else see make it over there?  He did have a special
>> but it was not Scotty or Steve, but rather Ron Prince who seemed to have
>> played w/Joe before.  Joe introduced him as a former member of the Kinsey
>> Report, anyone know anything about this guy?  I did see in the Reader
>> that he has a new cd out.  Both Joe and Ron had the place going nuts and
>> the band came back for two encores.
>Ron was 2nd guitar with the Kinsey Report for several years and he and
>Donald Kinsey traded off quite well IHHO. Excellent guitar player. Ron had a
>falling out with the band, I heard, and quit  about 4 years ago, then came
>back for a brief stint, then left again.

Ron Prince is one of the best rhythm guitar players I have ever seen. I think
Donald Kinsey (when under Big Daddy's control) is one of the best blues guitar
players and Ron/Donald combination was very hard to beat when they were on the
blues level.


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