Retraction Re: Blues families - Tina Mayfield/Lowell Fulson

Kathy Bolmer boltal@CSIWAY.COM
Wed Jun 10 02:44:12 EDT 1998

Dear Scott,

I am sure that Tina would understand :-)  She's a friend and a very, very
kind and understanding lady! Thanks for the retract..


Scott D wrote:

> I've been informed by someone who knows better that I've been
> misinformed and posted some erroneous info about the relationship
> between Lowell Fulson and Tina Mayfield.  I'd trusted my info because it
> came from someone who is related to Tina Mayfield, but who apparently
> isn't close enough to her to fully understand the relationship between
> Ms. Mayfield and Mr. Fulson.  I thought they were a 'couple' - I've been
> corrected and now understand that they're NOT, but have simply been very
> close friends for a very long time.  So to head off the propogation of
> any of bad info, and to avoid causing harm to anyone's reputation (other
> than my own!), I WAS WRONG!  I apologize for the misunderstanding.
> Scott

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