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Rich Gonzalez rgonzale@SOLEIL.ACOMP.USF.EDU
Tue Jun 9 21:45:26 EDT 1998

> Sean Birmingham said:

> ...smoked.  Anyone else see make it over there?  He did have a special
> but it was not Scotty or Steve, but rather Ron Prince who seemed to have
> played w/Joe before.  Joe introduced him as a former member of the Kinsey
> Report, anyone know anything about this guy?  I did see in the Reader
> that he has a new cd out.  Both Joe and Ron had the place going nuts and
> the band came back for two encores.

Ron was 2nd guitar with the Kinsey Report for several years and he and
Donald Kinsey traded off quite well IHHO. Excellent guitar player. Ron had a
falling out with the band, I heard, and quit  about 4 years ago, then came
back for a brief stint, then left again.
It is now Ron Prince and Hard Time and they've been playing in Chicago.
Haven't seen 'em. New CD is called Parole, I believe.
I like Dondald Kinsey a lot, but Ron made a great contribution to that
band's earlier CDs.

Coincidentally, I did get a chance to see the Kinsey Report at B.L.U.E.S.
Etc. in Chicago on Saturday. Nothing new, but I liked the set I saw.
They're coming out with an album in August on Alligator.


Rich Gonzalez
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL USA

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