Chicago Blues Festival

Karen Hanson
Tue Jun 9 20:01:11 EDT 1998

I just realized my initial message did not have a subject line. Sorry.

I'm not able to participate on the list quite yet, but I thought I'd post a
note and let you all know that I've added a few photos from the Chicago Blues
Festival to my website.

Keep in mind I'm not a photographer, just a writer with a camera. :-)
Appropriately, I didn't have a  pit pass (although I noticed other writers
without cameras in the pit, as well as some others who apparently had, um,
other qualifications. I would have been really p.o.'ed had Chuck not been able
to get one.)

Anyway, I am a professional journalist (yes, a card-carrying member of the
Illinois Press Association), so I am used to taking pictures under
circumstances that are less than ideal. I uploaded just a few of my favorite
pix, including Shemekia Copeland, Otis Rush, Robert Lockwood, Carey Bell and
Jimmie Lee Robinson.

You can go directly there:
or here's a link <A HREF="">Ms.
Juke's Blues Place</A>

My "Net friend" Martin says I do not promote myself as writer enough. I tell
him, I want to promote the blues, not myself. He says to me, you cannot do the
former without first doing the latter. I suppose he should know. He has
written for Rolling Stone, Downbeat, Essence and many, many more. Consider
this as promotion.

My website is sorely in need of updating, but I'm working on that while I'm
"No mail". Comments and suggestions welcome, private mail please -

Karen Hanson

Ms. Juke's Blues Place

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