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Birmingham birmingh@SLS.LIB.IL.US
Tue Jun 9 16:05:40 EDT 1998

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Bob Page wrote:

> I think it's just 'Adventures in Babysitting'.  Albert has a cameo role,
> fronting a real band (I can't remember if it was the Icebreakers, but I
> doubt it) for just about a full length tune that fit with the plot of the
> movie.

They filmed that part at Fitzgeralds in Berwyn and there should be a
picture of that band at, (or something like
that).  BTW, I saw Joe Louis Walker there Saturday night and he just
smoked.  Anyone else see make it over there?  He did have a special guest
but it was not Scotty or Steve, but rather Ron Prince who seemed to have
played w/Joe before.  Joe introduced him as a former member of the Kinsey
Report, anyone know anything about this guy?  I did see in the Reader
that he has a new cd out.  Both Joe and Ron had the place going nuts and
the band came back for two encores.

Sean Birmingham

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