Prof. Davis

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Tue Jun 9 02:55:40 EDT 1998

I am NOT a fan of Angela Davis.
Let me repeat that: I am NOT a fan of Angela Davis.
However, I do not make value judgements about her or anyone else, without
studying the facts.
I have, to the best of my ability stated the facts. If there is someone on
this list that disputes the facts as I have stated them. Please, reply to
me. On list if you wish. BUT, refute the facts as I have stated them, or
bow out.
Let's stop the rumor mongereing.. the I thought, Iheard, I think... If you
have a question about PROFESSOR Davis, I will give you the most cogent
answer I am capable of.  And you can bet it will NOT be biased in her
Personaly, I think her book was erroneous on a number of her assumptions.
It is of course impossible for us to interview the main subjects of the
work. I believe that she has allowed, no, promoted her political agenda in
the guise of a scholastic work.
That said, she is without a doubt, a serious student of oppresion and it's
effects on the oppresed. She HAS been there. She HAS done that. HECK, the
T-Shirt has her picture on it. And, as I stated earlier, I disagree with a
lot of her conclusions, and assumptions. But I respect her right to those
But this is an intellectual posture on my part based upon MY experiences
and studies. Not in any way to diminish her's. If we are going to discuss
PROFESSOR Davis on this list, let's stick to facts, or invite her through
Lea Gilmore or some other individual who Ms. Davis might accommadate to
join this converstation with us.
But leave your opinions at home. Or clearly state them as opinions, and
state the basis for those opinions.

Is this blues related, heck, I thought this was the historical basis of the
blues. Is it politiacal rhetoric? Can the blues be divorced from the
politics that created the blues?

I have and will argue that anyone can have the blues. White boys, rich men,
American Naturals, Canadian brethern. However, Ms. Davis could give most
anyone on this list a perspective of the HISTORICAL conotations that were
the primary influence on modern blues.

Let's drop it or take it off list.

Bill Salmon

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