_Everybody Hollerin' Goat_

Blake Wintory bwintor@comp.uark.edu
Tue Jun 9 00:26:32 EDT 1998

I think Othar is more like 95....The CD is good.  At times imperfections and
the CD's tenative and ad hoc nature are evident.  I especially like the
acoustic guitar boogie that Othar sings along with and reacts to.

Blake Wintory

James Matthews wrote:

> How do;
>        Mate of mine sent me the following self penned review.  Anyone
> care to add their own yay or nay, feel free.
> > Othar Turner & The Rising Star Fife & Drum Band
> > Birdman Records 018
> >
> > This is plumb fonky. Take a 97 year old Mississippi sharecropper and
> > his kin and neighbors and this is what you get. Hopefully. This
> > contemporary example of what the ur-blues probably was like before the
> > advent of Robert Johnson's Terraplane and jook joints in the
> > turpentine camps. Not for the faint of heart or the slicky boyz.
> > This type of musical tradition has been documented in the past by
> > such folkloric luminaries as the Library of Congress ("tell us Mr.
> > Lomax, what was it like carryin' those heavy old car batt'ries around
> > the South?") but this set of recordings is from the '90s. Don't know
> > if Mr. Turner is still with us, but this should be heard.
> >
> > There are a number of blues standards on this (SHIMMY SHE WOBBLE,
> > quell the raving blues aficionado and will provide a reference point
> > for the uninitiated. (And for erstwhile hip-hoppers and rappers,
> > this could well provide a treasure trove for truly unique sampling).
> > This is indeed a 4-biscuit recording.
> >
> > --
> > TBSamsel@richmond.infi.net (also tejas@infi.net)
> >         'Do the boogie woogie in the South American way'
> >                               Hank Snow  THE RHUMBA BOOGIE
> cheers,
> - james matthews .... jamesm@ihug.co.nz
>    "diggin' these records with my last dime"

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