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Tom Jacobson pierre@HOME.COM
Sun Jun 7 15:04:15 EDT 1998

chuck nevitt wrote:
> Hey...we have a pretty decent acoustic player in this neck of the woods
> named Kirby Kelly. Tom Jacobson will certainly tell ya that--and as we
> all know he has about a strict set of whats what when it comes to Robert
> Johnson''s stuff--anyhow, after hearing Kirby open up for Guitar Shorty
> I think it's safe to say Tom was blown away
> by Kirby's playing. He told me and Don O. that he thought his
> performance that night was nothing short of incredible!!
> As a matter of fact I think Tom would tell us (I'll let him be the judge
> of that though) that Kirby may even do a better job of RJ's material
> than ANYONE he has ever SEEN....ain't that right Tom?
> His explanation of what Kirby did that night got me believin' it
> too....having not thought much about it before then, Tom's expertise in
> those things RJ at least have made me look at Kirby in a different
> light!
> later, chuck n.
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Yeah,  Kirby Kelly knocked me out.  He is one hell of a slide guitar
virtuoso.   TJ

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