Patsy Kline, Marvin Gaye and the Blues

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Sun Jun 7 14:57:12 EDT 1998

Lea wrote:

<<...sittin here thinkin'....>>

Another good a matter of fact Jr. Parker thought so too!

<<I went to a musical tribute to Marvin Gaye last night at a local
community theatre.   It was great.  Marvin's music is timeless.  In fact
it is _timely_. (listen to the words of "Inner City Blues").  I was
wondering if anyone knows
if Marvin ever recorded anything distinctively blues?>>

Not that I can recall...unless you count rhythm & blues. He did however
(in both our opinions i'm sure) record some
distinctively GREAT tunes!

<<I like Patsy Kline - a lot.  My dad had her records and played them
along with BB King, Mario Lanza and Mahalia Jackson.  (Needless to say,
Patsy  wasn't the music expected to come from a black family's home in
Baltimore ;).  To me she was one of the most compelling singers of the
past few decades.   When I listen to her music, I hear a bluesy "tinge"
to it.  Does anyone agree?>>

Yep, I do. Very bluesy "tinge" Hank Williams and Hank Snow
(heck, maybe even Hank Hill<s>). It also doesn't surprise me that blacks
were listening to Patsy Cline. As a matter of fact ZuZu Bollin and Henry
Qualls could play many country tunes--as they said that's about all they
ever listened to on the radio growin' up. Now, Henry Qualls sittin' down
for an evening of Mario Lanza--that is a strange thought. But get enough
home made Muscadine Wine in the picture anything is possible!

chuck n.

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