Guitar Shorty Question

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jun 7 13:27:47 EDT 1998

On this new CD that's out called West Coast Guitar Killers
(or is it Killer Guitars) there are several tracks by Guitar Shorty that
were orig. on the PULL label (with a wonderful big band). The vocals on
these tunes were INCREDIBLE!! (so was the guitar work!)

My question is "what happenened" to his voice since those days? I guess
wear-and-tear may account for some of it.... but I have heard many
performers that sound just as good 35 years later as they did in their
prime (ZuZu, Sam Myers, Percy Mayfield, Long John, are but a few), but
Shorty's vocals these days AIN'T even close.


chuck n.

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