Corey & Koko AWAY I GO !!!

Sun Jun 7 10:19:38 EDT 1998

Its COLD, CHILLY, & DAMP in the Burg this weekend & I figure the only way I
will be able to fight off this miserable weather will be BLUESTIME Y'ALL !!!
To all those in Chicago this week HAVE FUN !!! You are as close to Blues Heaven
as you can get my friends. Dive to the bottom & drink yourself up to the top
people, you definitely have enough blues to drown in this weekend. Damn am I
jealous :) Thursday nite and off to the land of Blues , MOONDOG'S to see the
Handy Award winner , COREY HARRIS. A little change of pace for Corey tonite, he
has a BAND. A percusionist & guitar player join Corey on stage tonite.  It
definitely fills out his sound just a little bit. Corey played a little bit of
electric guitar this evening and it was a change of pace. I like Corey no
matter what he does. He has a nice , down in the alley voice and his
songwriting is top notch. Two CDS out & both just excellent. Along with Alvin
Youngblood Hart he is the creme of the acoustic world (Oops, sorry, forgot John
Hammond & Rory Block, sorry :) The highlight of the night was just Corey & huis
guitar, sittin' on stage telling stories folks. Still like the acvoustic, one
man against the world thang. Good show Buddy. Friday night !!! Yes, FINALLY,
the weekend is here !!!!!  The tasty treat on the table tonite is the queen,
KOKOKOKOKOKOKO  Taylor !!!!! Every year Pittsburgh has an Art Show and presents
entertainment for FREE !!!! Thats right, FREEEE !!!! The site the POINT where
Pittsburgh comes to PARTY !!! The three rivers meet and that is the point !!!
Beautiful park with fab water fountain. Three Rivers cooking with a ballgame,
fireworks blasting all over the place & KOKOKOKOKO !!! The QUEEN was in fine
form tonight peoples. What a performer !!! Band was TIGHT, guitar player just
smoked , and the QUEEN was on the blues throne. DON'T MESS WITH MOTHER NATURE,
WANG DANG DOODLE, and a plate of all the Queen's goodies was there. I just LOVE
KOKO when she is ON !!!! Opening for the QUEEN tonite was Pittsburgh's LADIES
OF THE BLUES, a collection of the female blues vocalists in the BURG. When are
you girls gonna get a CD into my hands ??? The BURG has been graced with a FAB
BUNCH of ladies people's. The , as usual, KICKED ASS !!!! I just LOVE those
GIRLS !!! Jil West, Jill Pavone,Sheri Richards and company just SMOKE !!! If
you make atrip to the BURG for BLUESFEST you can check out these lovilees. Good
looking & can BELT IT OUT !!!! Saturday was spent at a PARTY to celebrate the
marriage of Ron Esser to his long time lady June. Free booze, free food, and a
GREAT party. Congrats Ron & June , and may the little ones start rolling. Ron
is the owner of MOONDOGS, the Burgs PREMIER blues venue. Damn, need some sleep.
Bluespower. Over & OUT !!!

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