John Hammond

Juke Welker
Sat Jun 6 18:24:21 EDT 1998

The first time I met John Hammond was a few years ago....I had been listening
to him since I was 19.  Basically, I am in awe of his talent.  And it was
probably apparent that nite....I was probably acting pretty silly as I was SO

I may have posted this before but I had an 8x10 b/w of him and asked him to
sign it after he listened to my story about how "long I've been waiting to see
you perform."
He signed it, "To Gaile   It's nice to meet you after all these years.  Best
Wishes" and his name.  It's been on my wall ever since.  I also have a 9
photos in a frame of that first time I saw him.  My friend, Ralph Speas, took
those and gave them to me.  Nice pics.

Really....I was so excited that first time I saw him that everyone was getting
their picture taken with him and I forgot about me!  The next time I saw him,
I didn't forget and they turned out dark.  The NEXT time, I finally got a pic
in broad daylight.

You don't think I'm a John Hammond fan or anything, do ya?

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