John Hammond

maxdog maxdog@UNR.NET
Sat Jun 6 16:56:27 EDT 1998

Sally Stevens wrote:

>         Depending upon circumstances....I think Hammond can be still be a stutterer
> on occassion....which may be why it can sometimes be hard to talk to him....he
> is not always a particularly gregarious guy when not on stage....which is
> fine...nobody should have to be...but it seems that maybe he did not overcome
> the stuttering....which might account for a certain reticence....
>         I remember talking to him on several occassions back in the 80's.......on one
> occassion he stuttered up a storm....and not one iota of a stutter during the
> course of subsequent conversations.

    When I met him in the mid-eighties he did not stutter a bit and was very friendly
considering that he was eating and I was half drunk. I would not have bothered him except
for being urged on by friends. When I told him that I had been a fan for so long that I
used to have his music on 8-track he replied "You didn't have to make me feel old!". I
saw him again (?th time?) in January of this year, he still looks the same age as the
first time I saw him (late 70's ???). John and Dick Clark must have some aging painting
in their attics at home. He has sounded great every time I've seen him play.


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