Buddy Guy

Thorsen, Jon THORJN@comfort.com
Sat Jun 6 12:49:13 EDT 1998

I posted my feelings on his new CD last week (I LOVED IT!) but I'm not
surprised that many here did not like it.  It's not straight ahead
blues, but damn is it funky.   I love traditional blues, but I also love
any type of music that's got rhythm.  I am extremely glad Buddy made
this CD.  We all know he can play blues (A Man and the Blues is one of
my fav albums of all-time) and now he is stepping out and showing us
what else he can do.  There is very little over the top guitar playing
and a lot of very tasty licks.  This album is about rhythm and the
groove and I personally would never compare it to a straight ahead blues
album.  Just because Buddy is one of the best electric blues guitarists
and singers (IMHO) of the modern era, doesn't mean he always has to play
just blues.

I also feel that this album makes a great entry point for people just
getting into blues...it kind of eases them into slowly.  I also feel
that the album as a whole showcases his incredible vocal range, and the
emphasize is much more on his singing than on his guitar playing.

Just my two cents...


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