Sonny Terry with Woody Guthrie

Eli Marcus
Sat Jun 6 06:01:33 EDT 1998

the discography from the back of the Asch music book on Sonny Terry,
(which has extensive bio sections too), says:
"NYC, 1952, Sonny Terry,vcl/hca; Alex Seward, vcl/gtr ; Woody Guthrie,
and the same song list you gave and the serial number is given: Archive
of Folk Music 106,206
 just for info sake, the 2 sessions before this one  had Woody (on
Stinson 55 which was a 10" LP) and Leadbelly,Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger,
and Woody (Verve 9010)  all these listed under 1952,NYC.

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