John Hammond

Andy Allu
Fri Jun 5 15:52:06 EDT 1998

Speaking as one of the largest John Hammond fans in the galaxy, I would
suggest that the first CD should be "Live" on Rounder (this will come closest
to the energy of the acoustic show you saw).  The next best would be "John
Hammond Solo" from his second stint with Vanguard in the mid 1970's...  After
that there are about 25 more to chose from but some are very hard to find.
The early Vanguard recordings (1963-67) are great from a collector's
standpoint, but John's voice was still very "young" and had not yet matured to
it's peak yet.  The Atlantic years have some winners (Southern Fried w/Duane
Allman, Sooner or Later, I Can Tell w/Bill Wyman), and the Columbia stuff is
erratic but has good moments (Triumvirate with Dr. John and Mike Bloomfield)
If you can find Can't Beat the KId (on Capricorn) pick it up (1/2 acoustic 1/2
electric) and of course the most recent last few years with Point Blank has
generated some Grammy nominated recordings...

John has some "web presence" with pages at sites from Rosebud US (his booking
agency) and Point Blank (his current label) that include complete
discography's and touring itinerarys....

Good luck and catch this guy when ever you can... He is also one of the most
genuinely nice guys in this business....

Son Lewis

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