so close...

Adrian Spidle
Fri Jun 5 15:16:53 EDT 1998

I see in pollstar that KoKo Taylor is coming to OR on 31 July and 1 Aug of
this year.  Oh how I hope she finds a reason to come a bit further up the
I5 into WA.  I can't remember the last time I saw her; 5 years ago at
least; somewhere on the I88 corridor in central NY; she was one of the
first blues acts I got into and I would love to see what she's up to these

She's also, I see in pollstar, playing in Salem MA, right where my Mom
lives, on 12 July.  For that, I wouldn't mind rescheduling my plane
tickets to the north shore (we're going to visit next week; I pick all the
wrong times!)



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