John Hammond

Michael Baseflug Michael_Baseflug@DELL.COM
Fri Jun 5 14:49:08 EDT 1998

Apologies for he ignorance, but I caught him for the first time at SXSW
this year and was COMPLETELY FLOORED!!!  Dis cat is a great, no doubt
about it.  The absolute, hands down highlight of S(u)X-SW.  Despite only
a 35min show, he captivated me and the rest of the crowd.  I brought a
bunch of non-blues fan friends with me, some of them that even downright
find the blues boring, and they were floored by him too.

So much power, so much emotion.  It was truly a spiritual experience for
me.  A version of "Come On In My Kitchen" that still gives me shivers
thinking about it.

I gotta get some albums of his.  Suggestions on starters?


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