Fwd: Buddy Guy

Steve Hoffman stevehoffman@EROLS.COM
Fri Jun 5 01:52:04 EDT 1998

<y opinion of the new Buddy Guy -- it's so-so at best. Could be a lot
worse, but it's nothing too great. And the title cut, a duet with Johnny
Lang, is just an unmitigated piece of crap.

IMO, far and away the best Buddy Guy CD of the 90s -- and in fact one of
the strongest of his entire career -- was "Slippin' In" (which came out
3 or 4 years ago). On that CD, he just rears back and digs deep into his
soul and sings like his goddam life depended on it, and he's backed by
Stevie Ray Vaughan's old rhythm section, and those guys KNOW how to hit
a blues back-beat. Skip the new one, folks, and get "Slippin In" if you
don't already have it. The very first cut on "Slippin In" -- a
gut-wrenching  rendition of an old Bobby Bland tune "I Smell Trouble" --
is so superior to anything on the new CD, it's not even close.
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