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I was in Memphis Memorial weekend and caught the Junkyardmen playing at
Black Diamond.  IMHO, the Junkyardmen are a ROCK band that throws in a few
sevenths and blues scales (both played way too fast) once in a while.  I
noticed a few people come in looking for Blues,  make a face, and hurriedly
leave.  I guess the older I get the deeper I'm getting into pure blues.
The musicians on stage were talented but they sure weren't playing blues.
Little Jimmy King, on the same night, at B.B. King's  did play some blues
and he put on a show,  something that I think is disappearing in today's
'see how fast I can play these scales' bands.

Oh well, I think I'll put on Hollywood Fats-Rock This House.  Same makeup as
the Junkyardmen.  Let's compare.
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Junkyardmen are one of my personal favorites.  Of course it doesn't hurt
that I've known Billy Gibson and John Scalici for some time.  They've
also been great supporters of the Beale Street Blues Society.

For those of you who made it to our soiree prior to the Handys this
year, the Junkyardmen were our entertainment.

Basically you have four guys who were the best players in the four bands
they were in who got together.  I personally feel that Billy Gibson is
the best up-and-coming harmonica player out there.  Both he and Scalici
are good vocalists as well.

Of course they should be great.  The harp player is from Mississippi,
the guitarist from Arkansas, the bass player from Tennessee, and the
drummer is from Alabama.

Tom Claypool

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