Chicago Fest Info For Shawn Pittman

Thu Jun 4 03:43:00 EDT 1998

At 12:40 6/3/98 PDT, chuck nevitt <ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>It seems as if Shawn IS PLAYING the Chicago Bluesfest this year. The
>problem was that he's playing the Best Buy Tent
>on Sunday evening--and they do not list the performers for that stage.
>He is kind of like early Jimmie Vaughan (1970's) chop wise--but the kid
>(he's only in his mid 20's) has a stong voice--and STILL loves to play
>the blues. In other words he won't be getting funky, soulful,
>introspective, or rockin' on ya!! *Just BLUES.*
>In other words--if your into good music go check him out Sunday evening
>(I'm sure they'll have some sort of times posted there). It would mean a
>lot to him--and be sure if you like him to get his new CD on CANNONBALL
>Blues & Jazz Records (Ron Levy's newest endeavor).

I just want to add a "yeah, what he said" to Chuck's recommendation to
check this boy out if you're at chi-fest.  He's a good 'un.  But only if
you like guys like Anson Funderburgh or Jimmie Vaughan.  I like him a lot.

Don O.

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