Bernard Allison (blues/rocker?)

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 3 16:46:20 EDT 1998

How rude of me....the show, for those near enough to consider making it,
is at the Blue Cat Blues club in
Deep Ellum tonite--and in Ft.Worth tomorrow at J&J's.

Doug Henry mentioned to me last nite that Lucky Peterson and gang were
supposed to be coming out for tonites show,
so I guess I'll go to see if they can get things any hotter than they
already are (4 days of triple-digit temps
--and I'm talkin' in the shade)!

chuck n.(the only thing i like hot is music, salsa, & of course
womemses...just kidding dear..dear, put down that iron dear! ouch,
oooch, ouch!)

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