Chicago Fest Info For Shawn Pittman

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 3 15:40:45 EDT 1998

Voila! Once again a problem is solved via BLUES-L (hear that Art).

It seems as if Shawn IS PLAYING the Chicago Bluesfest this year. The
problem was that he's playing the Best Buy Tent
on Sunday evening--and they do not list the performers for that stage.

He is kind of like early Jimmie Vaughan (1970's) chop wise--but the kid
(he's only in his mid 20's) has a stong voice--and STILL loves to play
the blues. In other words he won't be getting funky, soulful,
introspective, or rockin' on ya!! *Just BLUES.*

Don O. will tell ya that last nite at the jam Shawn had 'em going better
than anyone there (Sam Myers, Bernard Allison's drummer and guitar tech,
Jim Suhler...and I'd even say the host Hash Brown but he was blowin' the
back off the harp with Shawn)!

In other words--if your into good music go check him out Sunday evening
(I'm sure they'll have some sort of times posted there). It would mean a
lot to him--and be sure if you like him to get his new CD on CANNONBALL
Blues & Jazz
Records (Ron Levy's newest endeavor).

Shawn said for me to tell everyone that helped THANKS.....
So WHOMP, there it is.

later, chuck n.

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