Chicago Fest Info For Shawn Pittman

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 3 12:58:26 EDT 1998

Here's the deal. I was talking to Shawn last nite at the jam--and he was
rather miffed at having to drive all the way to Chicago to play A
HALF-HOUR set at the fest. This whole deal was set up by Ron Levy--who
by the way--just yesterday finally got the band a couple of rooms (their
"pay"). Of course since he waited till the last minute they are in
Springfield--which Shawn said is about 2-3 hours away).

I told Shawn that I didn't remember EVEN seeing his name on the roster.
He asked me to check--I just did and guess what: no Shawn Pittman to be
found on the schedules that were posted yesterday! I told Shawn I would
check again (because I don't want him to drive all the way to Chicago
for nothing--and hope that Ron Levy would feel the same way).

So, if anyone has any info on the Shawn Pittman band playing (or not) at
this years fest please let me know--and I'll pass the word on to Shawn.
In the mean
time he will be talking to Ron Levy....who MAY know
what's going on.

thanks for your assistance,
chuck n.

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