GEARL O/Delphi/Polycrhome

darren boas dboas@WAM.UMD.EDU
Wed Jun 3 11:57:13 EDT 1998

> Leonard,

You are right, the Delphi is hairy-butt ugly.  The "O" is nice.  I can't recall
the polychrome (is that tricone & painted like the Delphi? - if so it's only
slightly less hairy than the Delphi).  I think any steel single cone national-
resophonic will hold up to the heaviest playing.  Let me make two alternative
suggestions (just to confuse you further).  Resophonic style "N" no etching so
its a bit cheaper than the "O" OR even better go for a vintage duolian (and a
different sound than a brass job).  You can find these with a litle bit of
hunting for $1500 in excellent condition with replaced neck (greatly improved
playing) & cone.  Why not own a piece of history?  Just a thought!  Personal
preference Duolian, N, O (and bag the polychrome & Delphi). No sound difference
between the N & O.  Hope my comments help. Good luck! - Darren

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