This is not your father's Buddy Guy!

Thorsen, Jon
Wed Jun 3 09:49:49 EDT 1998

I just have to throw in my two cents on "Heavy Love" ... I LOVE IT!!  If
you don't move when you listen to the title track, then you must be made
of stone.  I have to applaud Buddy for taking a big risk and making this
album, a lot of other artists have tried to update their sound and
failed (IMO), but this album is fresh, exciting, and FUNKY.  (I think he
picked up a few things on the tour with P-Funk.)

After listening to the album, it also becomes instantly apparent why he
did the duet with Jonny Lang ... he is simply trying to expand his
audience, (and the audience for blues) to a younger generation, and I
truly respect this.  Buddy has always done a lot to keep the blues
alive, and this is just another example.  (If they like this album, then
maybe they buy one of his earlier albums, etc..)

I also think this is wonderfully produced, and Buddy is in top form on
guitar and vocals, very tasty!  (The acoustic blues number is also a

Simply put...I can smell it Buddy!!


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