Dion Payton

Marty Spaulding martman@net-link.net
Tue Jun 2 12:17:32 EDT 1998

In article <000701bd8e39$fcefdca0$52aef783@dmdwnjdz>,
  Rich Gonzalez <rgonzale@soleil.acomp.usf.edu> wrote:
> Twist Turner's post about George Baze mentioned Dion Payton.
> Anyone know if he's still around, playing? Or if he has any recorded music
> on CD?

Dion Payton is one of those artists that always has a new cd coming out
"next year".

He deserves to be recorded, and at one time I think had some kind of deal set
up with Virgin or somebody but it apparently never happened.

He had some bad back problems that laid him out for a while, and as far as I
know he's still on the scene, although I never see his name on the Chicago
club rosters...at least as a bandleader....

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