Canadian Blues Bands?

chuck nevitt ribtips@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 2 11:33:59 EDT 1998 looks like I got my piano players mixed up. Sorry about
that y'all. Well then, how is the new Vann Walls CD ? Does he sound
anything like he did in the 50's?

Since Andy Griggs is producing new blues records and "HE KNOWS of at
least 150 performers that are as good or better than B.B.King" then we
should be in for some kinda treat!!

Oh yeah, somebody wanted to know what I considered "the" American Blues
Band.....that's easy (and also just my opinion)--my vote would go to the
Kim Wilson band. Of course I'm basing this on bands I've seen lately.
Jack Johnson and Duke's new band  are close contenders too.

chuck n.

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