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>At 09:39 AM 6/2/98 -0400, P.W. Fenton wrote:
>>At 09:12 AM 6/2/98  Hugh Hardy said,
>>>Nobody mentioned the great Colin James in Canadian Blues, so I'll do it.
>>>Colin James
>>Isn't he the guy who had himself edited into an old T.V. show that
>>featuring Muddy Waters, Otis Spann & Willie Dixon?
>Well, he's the guy who WAS edited in by TV network types
>who figured that spectacular 60s blues footage wouldn't
>sell itself.
>But don't reject Colin for that reason. He is a rock
>musician who is also a serious blues performer.
>His most recent release, National Steel, is mostly
>country/acoustic blues -- it won the Maple Blues Award
>for best Canadian blues CD of 1997, and the earlier
>"Colin James and the Little Big Band" is very good jump
>blues album.
>Ian Angus
>"Let the Good Times Roll"
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