Sunflower (I`m going!)

Robert J Dewar rjdewar@CYBERUS.CA
Mon Jun 1 19:10:17 EDT 1998

Well,it is now official.I am a happy camper and so is my significant
other,Rebecca.I always wanted to see the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans
and we are going to do both on this trip.
   I have two requests for those who may be attending.
  One is a request for peoples impressions of tthe performers at Sunflower
(eg) Big Jack Johnson,Rufus Thomas,Frank Frost etc.Maybe just a capsule
review of what to expect of these guys.I`m gonna buy a pile of Cd`s on this
   Two is an early request for info on where most of the attendees will be
heading after Sunflower.
We plan on taking the train on down to New Orleans and realize we need to
get to Greenwood,Miss. to do so.Anybody going our way?? :)   The schedule
just doesn`t allow us to get there by bus without waiting around there for
hours to catch the bus.
   The third thing which I forgot,is a request for New orleans people to
suggest some good things to do and a nice hotel to stay at.I know that
Tipitina`s would be nice and the Bowling Alley is a must.I wanna see Snooks
Eaglin (a personal fave) if at all possible.
  Sorry this post is poorly composed.It is a combination of excitement and

Robert J Dewar
Ottawa Ontario

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