Once in a Blue Moon---body parts revisited.

Stephen McClaning SMcclaning@aol.com
Mon Jun 1 17:59:25 EDT 1998

Damn if this thread didn't just give me a flashback :)  An enjoyable one I
must say. In my sordid, decadent past my friend & I used to LOVE to go to two,
three, four day festivals. We LOADED our truck up with MEGA beer, alcohol, and
other FUN stuff . More then enough to last  a few days We would bring grills,
lawn chairs, pigs to roast, you name it we brought it. In those days no one
gave a s$%^ what you brought into a festival.. You must also remember this was
the day of halter tops & blue jeans be it long bells or shorts. We also had a
4 foot by 12 foot sign that read the following : SHOW US YOUR T^%$ and we will
give you a beer :) I would give FIVE years of my life to relive the glourious
misadventures and misdeeds that this one sign led to. You would be amazed the
number of young ladies we met with this simple but effective tool . Oh NO, the
flashback is taking me back to reality, yes there is the bald spot slowly
coming back as I speak . Just a memory folks.

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