Once in a Blue Moon---body parts revisited.

Ian Angus ianangus@INTERLOG.COM
Mon Jun 1 15:25:32 EDT 1998

Rick "See no Evil" Miller wrote:
>> I'd like to hear from the other working bands on Blues-L as well as men and
>> women who are audience members---do such flashes or bawdy displays cheapen
>> the show? Make it sleazy?  I'm really curious.  Certainly in our case, some
>> of the band member's spouses REALLY DO NOT appreciate it. Lemme tell you!

Actually, you could consider this part of the tradition.
I've met quite a few old (and younger) blues and R&B
musicians who never would have survived if they hadn't
had regular gigs in strip clubs.

Willie Dixon was once interviewed on a radio show here in Toronto,
and the interviewer (who was far from naive) asked him
in a very naive way: "Willie, as a young guy just getting
into the blues, I have a question about the gigs you
describe in your book. What exactly is a 'shake dancer'?"

Willie cracked up.
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