I don't get the Jimmy Vaughn thing

Rick and Becky Bole ourhouse@INDY.NET
Mon Jun 1 13:03:07 EDT 1998


Bill Salmon wrote:

> <<I mean, he's kind of cool in a laid back sort of way, >>
> have you ever seen him live?
> <<Is it possible the V name buys something no amount of talent ever
> could?>>
> Anything is possible. It may even be possible that some people don't
> appreciate his great talent just BECAUSE he is a Vaughan.. Kinda like
> having a genius for an older brother (or in Jimmy's case younger), doesn't
> matter how smart YOU are, they keep expecting you to be him.. And even if
> (or when) you exceed him some people will continue to not understand that
> your talent is unique, and that you deserve to be listened to as an
> individual, not as the brother of someone else..
> Bill

 Every since I first heard Jimmie Vaughn play it seemed like he was
after the essence of the music. He always seems to be fighting to
get to the emotion and keep the technique out of the way.

In a world that loves" guitar slingers", I think he's shown a lot of courage.

Rick Bole

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