Blues Bigotry

David Silberberg davidis@INTERACCESS.COM
Mon Jun 1 12:34:35 EDT 1998

Bill Salmon (I think) wrote:
>    Although I believe that your post refers a different topic it made me
>>want to comment on a video tape I
>>saw yesterday. I checked out a video from the local public library named
>>"Blues Like Showers of Rain". Part
>>of the video showed photos of lynchings and burnings of black men. One
>>photo that is now etched in my mind
>>showed a crowd of white people posing with the burnt remains of a black
>>person. They were smiling. The crowd
>>was mostly men but there was one woman's face that caught my eye. She had
>>a sly mischievous grin on her face.

There is a new book out - of course, I forget the name, but it's by the
author of "Been in the Storm Too Long", about the experiences of newly
freed blacks during Reconstruction.

This one is about the experience of Blacks during the Jim Crow South -
until about 1930.

One of the sections is about the lynchings / burnings / torture / etc. that
frequently occurred in the "old south" during this period:  very
descriptive, brutal stuff.

E-mail me if anyone wants the book info:  very good book about the period
and the people.

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