NBC: Re: Once in a Blue Moon---body parts revisited.

Jim Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Mon Jun 1 11:53:49 EDT 1998


I saw we need pictures of the alleged perpetration of these alleged lascivious


-Jim (temporarily from Missouri)

> At 02:41 PM 6/1/98  Riffin Rick said,
> >So what's up with that?
> >
> >I mean, I'm a regular red-blooded guy and appreciate pretty women flashing
> >body parts at me and the band in some baudy show of appreciation, but the
> other
> >more reserved part of my mind is thinking that this in some way cheapens or
> >makes sleazy our show, which we try to do with class and style.  We're up
> >there with nice suits and try to connect with our audience at a little more
> >sophisticated level than a bar-room beer band.  Yeah, it's fun at the time
> and
> >it makes good "stories from the road", but is it the kind of thing you want
> >to have happening with regularity at your band's performances??

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