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Mon Jun 1 02:10:45 EDT 1998

People that get offended by mere words deserve to be offended.  Whar would
you do if someone punched you in the mouth?  Fall over dead from the utter
shock of someone having the nerve to touch your perfect body?
Don't worry about it, Mike.  The First Amendment still exists.  At least it
does till now.  But that's a different newsgroup.
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Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 12:20 PM

>To the members of Blues-L;
>   Earlier today I posted a letter in which I used the phrase"The
>Blues,Love it or Leave it". Since that time I have received 17 private
>e-mails accusing me of facism, racism, disrespect for the war dead, and a
>hatred of America.
> I assure you, I NEVER intended to convey anything like that.
>  At the time, I thought I was making a little joke satirizing
>bumper-sticker jingoism. I never thought anyone might take it literally.
>Obviously, I was wrong.
> I now see that my joke was in very questionable taste.
>  To those who have been offended; I really am very sorry.
>  Please accept my sincere apology.
>  Am I forgiven?
>Mike Billo

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