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Ron Weinstock RBLUESW@aol.com
Fri Dec 25 13:40:13 EST 1998

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<<anyone have the new CDs by Otis Rush, Joe Louis Walker, Duke Robillard,
Harman, Anson, B.B. King, or Little Charlie?  opinions? comments?  I didn't
get any of these for Xmas unfortunately, so I'll be plunking down the change
for some of 'em this weekend...>>

I have had Walker's awhile, and it is a terrific disc. Otis Rush's is quite
good, much better than his rather listless disc of a few years back, which
made me skeptical. His guitar sounds increasingly influenced by Albert King
these days. He sounded good at the Poconos this summer.  Places where his
vocals aren't 100% on target (Laughing and Clowning is one track), but
otherwise OK.  Curious that he is given composer credit on Looking back which
is not too different from his original recording of the track.  I much prefer
Johnny Adams vocal on his Man of My Word album, as he really gives meanings to
the words. Otis' rendition makes it almost a different song.  I got it from
BMG Music Service along with several jazz discs.

Haven't heard BB's but it seems to be getting consistent praise as does the
Robillard. I'm skeptical about BB's singing these days.  The Anson, Harman and
Little Charlie were all quite enjoyable, so if you got any of these you
certainly won't have many regrets.

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