Blues-L CD Compilation

Andy Allu
Thu Dec 24 16:21:40 EST 1998

Ok, the early receipts are in and they range from extremely good to outright
outstanding... You may only know them as "screen names and opinions" but let
me tell those of you who have not heard them.... We have some outrageous Blues
talent here on Blues-L.  We have gotten stuff in from:

Kenny "Blue" Ray
Lea Gilmore
Ed Vadas
The Boilerhouse Blues Band
P.W. Fenton
Rick Carroll
B.C. and the Blues Crew
Mark the Harper
Scott Perry
Son Lewis
Paul Whistler and the Wheels

There is truely ALL kinds of Blues here... I think something for everyone!  My
biggest concern is that there are still folks out there whose CD's I  have not
received (perhaps the slowness of Holiday mail...) so if you have not sent
them in here's my address again:

Andy Allu
Silk City Recording Company
PO Box 704
West Paterson, NJ 07424

Don't forget to include contact info and bio sheets if you have them.  If the
quality continues to stream in, we may have to go to a Vol 1 and Vol 2


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