NBC: Re: Just a reminder

Chris cfrancis@EPIX.NET
Wed Dec 23 11:12:25 EST 1998

Rick Edwards wrote:

> This is not a computer game or chat room for many of the blues-l
> readers. Many new readers, young and old, come here because they have
> severe blues and/or emotional and/or physical pain or limitations.

No they don't! This is a computer (game) chat room, of sorts. What this is
not is a therapists office (physical or mental). People come here to discuss
"blues music".
    You say many readers come here for mental or physical comfort. This is
the reason for this list. It is for the discussion of blues music. Nothing
more, nothing less.
Anyway I hear only one voice crying pain, not many.
    Anyone that is here for the reduction of pain (mental or physical)
please chime in.

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