Alan Balfour & Jimmy Reed

Mon Dec 21 17:45:54 EST 1998

    I got a message from Alan Balfour about my post recently about a
good Jimmy Reed Starter CD for those searching for his stuff. The
Charley CD--called---Ride Em On Down---was compiled by Alan in the 80's.
    He said until he read my post (sent to him by a Blues Lurker on the
net) he didn't know Charley ever released it. They never contacted him
again. He asked Frank Scott about it, and Frank told him it was released
in limited form, but that he hadn't seen a copy in years, himself.
    Alan wrote beautiful liner notes as well, and is looking for the CD.
He asked if it was available in the U. S. somewhere. I'm letting Alan
know that I'm posting a search for the release. If you know of one
existing--please let me or Alan know. Or contact Frank Scott.
    In the event that none is available, I will gladly send Alan my
copy. Anyone know where to find it ?

   Ride Em On Down--Jimmy Reed/Eddie Taylor
   24 tracks---12 by Jimmy--12 by Eddie---each back-ing the other up on
the session. The Real Early Low-down Stuff !!  Thanks in advance,

Rockin' Ralph
Oldies Unlimited
Spoonful Of Blues

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