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Scott Perry sp@MAIL.AWOD.COM
Fri Dec 18 06:15:17 EST 1998

Geoff wrote:

> Blues-L is about music, not the colour of people's skin. Okay, the slaves
> were the originators of the blues, but the civil war has been over for a few
> years and shock horror (for some) slavery has been abolished.
> Get your act together you idiots, and lets ensure that Blues-L is used for
> its intended purpose, the advancement and disemination of BLUES MUSIC.
> anyone I have offended by this post shouldn't be on this list. May I
> suggest, Bigot-L, Dickhead-L, or even I HATE THE WORLD AND EVERYONE ELSE IN
> IT-L.

Maybe I'm wrong (been known to happen, with great frequency I might
add), but taking race out of a list that discusses the blues is like
taking the shrimp out of jambalaya.  You can do it, it still might be
intersting, but the fact of the matter is, a vital component is
missing.  Some of us, myself included, may not always like the WAY
it's discussed, but many of us (again, myself included), still feel
that race and its significance needs to be discussed.

Check the guidlines for this list.  They state:

"BLUES-L is a list for the discussion of blues music"

and then goes on to say:

"Blues, like any music, is a matter of passion and emotion. It's even
more passionate due to the particular history of the Blues and the
legacy of the Blues culture."

and then lists some guidelines and strategies for "civil" discussion.

The only other tools required are in the hands of the members,
they're called filters and a delete button.  Oh yeah, and restraint.

I share the frustration of Geoff and others with the baiting,
flaming and namecalling, however each member has everything
they need to avoid it.

Please allow those of us who want to discuss the "particular history
of the Blues and the legacy of the Blues culture" to do so.

Scott Perry
Scott Perry

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